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Proof Of Value

Experience Process Mining with your own data. You choose the process, we do the rest. Our data scientists will connect your data to our Process Mining solution to create a data driven view of the process. Together with your process experts, we will refine the analyses and quantify the potential savings trapped inside your process. You will get the chance to gain hands-on experience with your own data to see the value and power of Process Mining!

Production Implementation

Our Implementation services will help you kick off your journey into process transparency using Process Mining. Our data scientists will create persistent connectors linking data from your core processes to our Process Mining solution, map KPIs to benchmarks, establish process performance dashboards and train users and process analysts. We will also host business case kickoff sessions that will put your organization on the path to high-impact transformation.

Business Case Development

Now that you've seen the power of transparency and a data driven approach to process improvement it's time to build a few business cases focused on updating policies and procedures to improve your cost, quality and cycle time with a focus on world class performance. Our experts will help your team develop a set of achievable goals with strong ROIs using the facts exposed via Process Mining.

Process Performance Monitoring

Lock in your returns through our Performance Monitoring solution. No need to allow poor performance to sneak back into your business as our solution will alert you when new process variations arise or when a bad habit tries to return. Protect your ROI with Process Performance Monitoring.

Data Scientist On Demand

Lock in a designated data scientist for your processes to avoid starting new projects from a standing start. We have experts in Process Performance and Process Mining on board who are ready to support your data and process related needs. So lock in your favorite lab coat today to reserve time for your key projects.

Custom Professional Services

We will also engage on custom projects that are unique to your enterprise and your organization's goals.