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Automation Governance

Process automation will offer your team great visibility from various functions across the enterprise. This will include groups like IT, InfoSec and Audit as well as teams focused on Compliance, and Regulatory Affairs to name just a few. These groups will be interested in what you are automating, your approach to automation, how bots will be tested, how they will be secured and monitored in production and how change will be controlled. Let our experience guide you through these potentially treacherous waters.

Process Automation Targeting

Now that you've see the power of process transparency using a data driven approach to process improvement, one of the many strategies you'll need is a proven approach for prioritizing business cases suitable for Robotic Process Automation. Not every problem will be solved by a bot so let our experience in robotics save you time and money and get you in the game fast with solid results right out of the chute.

Development & Implementation

Now that you're ready to implement your first bot, our RPA Implementation service can help you kick off your journey into process automation. Our service includes planning the proper infrastructure for RPA and thinking ahead to success measures and reporting as well as exception and fault handling. We bring the power of Process Mining and RPA to you and the experience of running automation at scale.

Performance Monitoring

Lock in your returns through our Performance Monitoring solution. Keep your bots in the game and delivering against their business cases by staying on top of your processes and performance objectives. Protect your ROI with RPA Performance Monitoring.

Bot Operations and Support

Keeping your bots on the field is critical to business performance so identifying and resolving serious issues quickly is key to your success. Our Bot-Ops package will support your business across a range of activities including systems updates and upgrades to unplanned outages and break/fix activities, We know the drill to get the results you desire.

Custom Professional Services

We will also engage on custom projects that are unique to your enterprise and your organization's goals.